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August 29 , 2008   Mobileer Announces AutoDuck, an automated mixer

May 29 , 2008   Mobileer Announces Hybrid Instrument Editor

December 7, 2005   Mobileer ME3000 Supports New Mobile XMF Ringtone Standard


March 28, 2004    Mobileer Announces Hybrid Polyphonic Audio Engine ME2000

January 5, 2004    Handspring Licenses Mobileer’s ME1000 For Use in Treo Mobile Phones

January 5, 2004    Mobileer Announces ME1000 – The Polyphonic Audio Engine Software for Mobile Phones, PDAs, Games, & Other Hand-held Products

December 12, 2003   Softsynth Spins Out Polyphonic Ringtone and Audio Engine Technology and Forms a New Company, Mobileer

May 20, 2003   SoftSynth Announces Release of Its Polyphonic Ringtone Engine


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