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Mobileer Hybrid Editor Provides Custom Instrument Development

San Rafael, CA – May 29, 2008


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Instrument Editor

Mobileer Inc, a leading provider of polyphonic music software for embedded devices, announces the release of the Mobileer Hybrid Editor. Available immediately, the Mobileer Hybrid Editor can be used to design Wavetable and Non_Wavetable instruments. The Mobileer Hybrid Editor includes individual editors for wavetables, orchestras, instruments and songs. The Editor enables the user to create multiple projects, export projects and songs and manipulate data to enhance musical output.

The Mobileer Hybrid Editor produces instruments that work with the ME-Series line of products which convert Standard MIDI Files (SMF) to an audio stream. In addition to the MXMF standard, the ME Series also supports Scaleable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) and General MIDI (GM), the primary standards for polyphonic ringtones. The Editor is available under a separate license. It is only needed if you want to design custom instrument sets. The ME player comes with standard general MIDI instrument sets included.


Phil Burk, President of Mobileer, says "We have been using this product in-house to design General MIDI Sound Sets for our ringtone player. The editor is oriented towards production and uses non-destructive editing of wavetables. Instrument definitions are saved in XML files that contain edit lists. This allows us to generate multiple large sound sets from a sample archive without getting buried under lots of WAV files."


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