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Contact: Alan Koenigsberg
Marketing / PR Manager
P: 408-515-4426
F: 510-864-7002 Announces Immediate Availability of its Polyphonic Ringtone Engine

Please note: This technology is now part of Mobileer's product line.

SAN RAFAEL, CA - May 20, 2003 -, a leading provider of audio software announced immediate availability of a new Polyphonic Ringtone Engine for mobile devices. The software converts Standard General MIDI Files to an audio stream. It can be used to add polyphonic ringtone capability to mobile phones, or to add musical capabilities to electronic toys, handheld devices, and other consumer products. The Ringtone Engine supports the Scaleable Polyphony standard which optimizes playback on devices with limited resources. also announced that the software has been licensed to Handspring, Inc. for use in its future mobile phone products. "We are very pleased with the sound quality, performance and small footprint of the SP-MIDI synth software. SoftSynth has a great solution for low-powered mobile devices.", said Mitch Allen, Director of Software Engineering for Handspring.

The music is synthesized directly without using bulky audio samples or wavetables. Instead it uses a variety of synthesis techniques including FM, AM, and subtractive synthesis. Each voice has multiple oscillators, a resonant filter, and multiple envelopes to provide a modern high-fidelity sound. This approach gives the software a very low memory footprint compared to sample based approaches, which can reduce manufacturing costs.

The software was designed for 32-bit embedded processors such as ARM or MIPS. It uses integer operations for its signal processing and is written in very portable 'C' code that has no operating system dependencies. This allows the ringtone software to be integrated very quickly  into the product software.

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