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Mobileer Announces Hybrid Polyphonic Audio Engine ME2000

San Rafael, CA – January 5, 2004.

Available immediately, the ME2000 combines wavetable files with synthesis to produce high quality sound in a minimal memory footprint for ringtones and other embedded audio playback applications. The ME2000 is part of the ME-Series line of products which convert standard MIDI files to an audio stream. The software is designed specifically to be embedded into fixed-point integer 32 bit CPU designs such as those based on ARM or MIPS.

The ME2000 provides engineers with a flexible architecture that can be tuned for sound quality, memory requirements, and CPU utilization. Software engineers and product designers can quickly and easily embed the software audio engine in their embedded device to add the ability to playback song clips or entire songs. Fast integration time and reduced development time lead to significant cost reductions.

Mobileer’s introduction of the ME2000 uses the higher memory capacity of today's mobile devices to provide increased realism for acoustic instruments like piano and violin. Other instruments like bells and pads are best created using synthesis without wavetables.

According to Phil Burk, Vice President Technology and Founder of Mobileer, “We combine the best of both worlds, synthesis and wavetables. The ME2000 combines wavetable sound generation with the pure synthesis techniques of the ME1000. This allows us to choose the best solution for each individual instrument, providing high sound quality while still maintaining a small memory footprint."

The ME2000 utilizes the ME1000 core architecture and achieves significant cost savings over specialized chips. The product has also been designed to be highly customizable.

The ME-Series products include a set of custom ringtones composed exclusively for Mobileer by professional artists. Samples of the ME1000 can be heard at .

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