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Mobileer Product Line

ME Series

Mobileer provides MIDI software synthesizers for use in embedded products that include mobile phones, toys, and musical devices.

Primary Features

  • Easy Integration. Portable 'C' code with no OS dependencies.
  • Polyphonic ringtone synthesizer that scales to your devices capabilities.
  • Support for standards: SP-MIDI, SMF, Mobile XMF, General MIDI
  • MIDI command parser for games or interactive use.

Complete MIDI synthesizer with support for Scaleable Polyphonic MIDI (SP-MIDI) and Standard MIDI Files (SMF). 175 General MIDI Instruments are synthesized using mathematical synthesis without wavetables for a very small ROM footprint.


All the features of the ME1000 plus support for wavetables synthesis. Acoustically complex instruments such as Piano, Violin, Guitar and others are synthesized using digital recordings (wavetables). Square Lead and other instrument are created using mathematical synthesis for optimal sound quality.


All the features of the ME2000 plus support for Mobile XMF. MXMF is a new ringtone standard that combines SMF with custom Downloadable Sound (DLS) iinstruments for vocals, sound effects or unique instrument sounds.

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