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Using the latest techniques to achieve memory savings and better sound, Mobileer introduced its original product, the ME1000 Polyphonic Audio Engine in early 2003.  Creating such a product required application of electronic sound creation and synthesis techniques and expertise in embedded system engineering principles. Mobileer applies the same techniques and experience in custom projects involving product extensions, sub-assembly upgrades and in the integration of Mobileer software into new product lines. For instance, Mobileer worked with Handspring to integrate the company's polyphonic ringtone engine software into their Treo 600 line.

Mobileer invests in R&D. Mobileer's portable software architecture means its products work across operating systems and platforms. Aimed squarely at handheld devices, portable and cellular phones, electronic toys and more, in which high fidelity and consistent sound tones are required, Mobileer can work with your company each step of the way.

Memory saving ... better sound. Mobileer has focussed on producing realistic instrument sounds in the smallest possible memory footprint. The result is better sound and memory savings leading to lower costs.

Listen to ringtone demos generated by the ME1000 and ME2000 and samples from the General MIDI Instrument Library.

Mobileer is a leader in developing high quality sound for any device requiring high quality polyphonic sound tones. Contact us and put us to work for you.

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