Mobileer Engineering Services

Mobileer offers research, design and development services in several areas. We prefer small to medium sized projects lasting from one week to one year. We will work with you to define the project specifications and a schedule for delivery.

We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • System or application level software design and programming
  • Digital audio hardware architecture and design
  • Programming in 'C', C++ and Java and various assembly languages
  • Embedded systems development and chip wrangling, ARM, PPC
  • Audio DSP (digital signal processing)
  • ASIC design and verification using Verilog
  • Forth compilers and applications, pForth customization and training
  • Network software in 'C' and Java, client/server design, web integration, etc.
  • Database design using MySQL or other systems
  • Web scripting using PHP, JSP, ASP
  • MIPS simulators and performance analysis

We are also very comfortable working with new technologies and systems under development.

Projects include:

  • Sony - various audio, networking and system level projects for PlayStation 3, (PS3)
  • Leapfrog Toys - Java applications for managing and processing music and audio files
  • Microsoft - audio codec development for XBox
  • TeleCruz Inc. - Verilog design of audio module for digital television, AC-3, MP2, MP3, AAC decoder customization in 'C', Gem Graphics library, MIPS CPU and hardware simulator in Java.
  • HighWired Technologies - Java and C++ software for voice messaging service
  • Max Neuhaus - Linux based sound servers for museum installations with fault monitoring and web-based maintenance
  • Business Voice - custom voice-over-music authoring tool in Java
  • Red Jade - custom QNX audio driver and audio API design for handheld device
  • (undisclosed) - signal processing tools and testbed for an electrocardiogram application in Java
  • Freedom Audio - Java native code for audio playback, recording and Ogg Vorbis compression
  • Emerging Voice Technology Inc. - sound analysis library in 'C' for telephone connection quality analyzer
  • Active Chinese - voice recorder for language learning on Mac OS X
  • Lufthansa Flight Training - customized voice recorder for teaching radio communication skills in their web based training courseware
  • Team Hutchins AB - voice message recorder and file uploader using Java, PHP and MySQL
  • Hub - collaborative networked music Applets for Hub history web site
  • Sprint Telecommunications - voice alarm system for monitoring their long distance network
  • Microsound International - MIDI file tuning enhancement library and Java application
  • Web TV - pForth tools for ASIC validation and verification

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